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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC011194 Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 06 April 2013

Left Ventricular diastolic filling doppler indices is a useful adjunct in the interpretation of dobutamine stress echocardiogram.

Grace Casaclang ,
Louwe Go ,
Marietta Crisostomo ,
Gregorio Rogelio,
Mary Ann Lao M,
Homobono Calleja

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BACKGROUND: In coronary occlusion or heart failure, abnormal relaxation of the left ventricle is the earliest manifestation
OBJECTIVE: To measure the Doppler derived diastolic indices from baseline to peak dose dobutamine and compare patients with normal (Group I) and abnormal (Group II) wall motion
DESIGN: Case control study of patients who undergo DSE
METHODS: Doppler signals of transmitral blood flow were obtained at baseline and peak dobutamine stress
The following were measured:
Peak early filling velocity E - peak early left ventricular filling velocity (cm/s)
Peak atrial filling velocity A -- velocity of atrial contraction (cm/s)
Peak early to atrial velocity ratio (E/A) - relative contribution of early and late ventricular filling
E acceleration time - rate of increase of E velocity stet (m/s2)
E decceleration time - rate of stet of velocity following E velocity (m/s2)
Total diastolic VTI - velocity time integral (cm)
Isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT) - time from aortic valve closure to mitral valve opening (ms)
Corresponding heart rate - heart rate at time Doppler indices were obtained during baseline and peak dose dobutamine
RESULTS: Patients with normal wall motion and contractility have increased E and A velocities, faster E deceleration time and E acceleration time. The E/A ratio and VTI are unchanged. The IVRT is decreased. Patients with segmental wall motion abnormality have decreased E velocity, unchanged E deceleration time. The E acceleration time may be unchanged. The A velocity is increased. The E/A ratio and IVRT are reduced. The TI is unchanged antihypertensive was doubled.

Publication Type
Publication Sub Type
Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Cardiology
Publication Date
July-September 1999
LocationLocation CodeAvailable FormatAvailability
Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library Box No. 44 Fulltext Print Format
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