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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161111082335 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 16 March 2017

Determinants of treatment compliance related to pulmonary tuberculosis.

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A descriptive study to identify and assess factors affecting treatment compliance in pulmonary tuberculosis was conducted in Davao City from March to September, 1990. A survey of 146 new enrollees of the National Tuberculosis Program during the period October 1989 to March 1990 was done in all districts of Davao City. Interviews were done to sputum positive patients utilizing open and closed-ended questions. Sociodemographic data, sputum conversion rate, knowledge, beliefs, practices and reasons for failures to continue treatment were obtained. Nurses and midwives were also asked regarding activities within the context of the National Tuberculosis Program.Results showed that 114 (78.1%) patients completed short course chemotherapy for six months (high compliants); 14 (9.6%) for more that six up to eight months (low compliants); and 18 (12.3%) failed to continue treatment course (non-compliants). Sputum conversion rate was lower (95%) compared to the reported 97% by the City Health Office. Low family monthly income, occurence of adverse drug reactions, non-utilization of health center services, and non-submission of sputum specimens were found to have negative influence on treatment compliance (p <0.05).Non-compliants dropped from the treatment course beacuse they forgot to take medications (61.1%); forgot to collect drugs (55.6%); and were relieved of symptoms (22.2%).It was also found that nurses and midwives lack adequate information regarding guidelines in implementation of the National Tuberculosis Program. Findings suggests that strict supervision on patients' submission of sputum specimen, drug collection and drug intake, and re-orientation of health center staff on the National Tuberculosis Program will improve completion rate and thereby decrease prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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February 28-August 31, 1990


The study aimed to identify and assess factors affecting treatment compliance in pulmonary tuberculosis among patients in Davao City.

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