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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161106085335 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 17 August 2011

Determining the efficiencies of various diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in hospitals.

Tessa L. Torres

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The grant covers 6 mini projects: 1. Radiologic evaluation of sinusitis using ten alternative programs. A cost effectiveness study - Dr. Vicente Gil, JRMMC; 2. A cost effectiveness study comparing hospital based treatments of Diarrhea at RITM - Dr. Irene Lintag; 3. Cost effectiveness analysis comparing a perinated center with a neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Dr. Sonia Garcia, PCMC; 4. Cyclosporin A Plus Ketionazole in prevention of rejection in kidney transplant patients - Dr. Irmingarda Guico, NKTI; 5. Cost effectiveness analysis comparing triple versus quadruple regimens in pulmonary tuberculosis - Dr. Alera/Cabanban SLH; 6. Decision trees in management of pregnant patients with condyloma acuminata/herpes simplex infection - Dr. R. Manalastas, Jr., PGH.

Publication Type
Research Project
November 30, 1989-November 30, 2000


To appraise the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities used in selected government hospital; 2) To identify alternatives to these modalities and determine their outcome and costs; 3) To analyze the relationship of the costs and outcomes of each alternative and compare these with those of other alternatives; 4) To recommend the more cost effective alternative for possible implementation.

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