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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08261101083714 Submitted: 26 August 2011 Modified: 13 April 2012

Thyroid function in thyroid carcinoma: A 5-year retrospective Analysis .

Suzette S. Quiaoit

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Background: Several studies investigated the behavior of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) among patients with documented thyroid carcinoma . Elevations of TSH are commonly seen and only fraction of thyroid carcinomas present with low TSH levels

Objectives:To describe the thyroid function in thyroid carcinomas.

Setting : St. Lukes's Medical Center , Quezon City Philippines ( Tertiary Institution)

Design: Retrospective Study

Results: A total of 400 patients were analyzed . There was a slight female predominance , with a mean age of 44 years ( range 14-86) , residing mostly in Metro Manila , with a family history of MEN-II in 14 % and medullary carcinoma in 2% . Papillary carcinoma and forllicular CA were the most common histologic types . Most underwent total thyroidectomy with necl lymph node dissection in 63% Mean TSH values did not statiscally differ across the histologic types of cancer (p=.91) . Majority (78%) had normal TSH (0.4-4.65 mIU/L) despite tumor size (p=0.39) and nodal involvement (p=.035) . Values of TSH did not statiscally vary with metastasis and overall staging (p=.24, p=.63 respectively).

Conclusion: Normal TSH levels were commonly seen in this sample of thyroid carcinomas . TSH determination in thyroid carcinoma guide clinicians regarding suppressive thyroid hormone therapy

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine
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March-April 2009


To describe the thyroid function in thyroid carcinomas.

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