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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17010911310230 Submitted: 09 January 2017 Modified: 09 January 2017

Inracardiac Myxomas: Agreement of the Pre-operative 2 Dimensional Echocardiography Diagnosis with the Hispathology results.

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Cardiac myxomas are arare cardiac tumors. It  regarded to be a true cardiac tumor and is in fact the most common primary cardiac tumor. 2 dimensional echocardiography has been a very good pre-operative diagnostic tool for these tumors. The study aims to determine the degree of agreement between the pre-operative diagnosis with the final histopathology results. A total of 86 primary cardiac myxoma cases at the Philippine Heart Center from January 1990 to December 2004 were included in the study. In these study 2-dimensional echocardiography had a sensitivity of 92.8%, predictive value of 69.3% and an observed agreement of 0.89% was noted. Among the 2 dimensional echocardiography findings with the highest agreement with the Histopathology report were its location in the left atrium, attachement to interatrial septum with a sensitivity of 89.4%, 5% respectively, predictive value of 98.7%, 98.5% and an observed agreement of 0.883, 0.755 respectively. The presence of a stalk which has good agreement in previous studies has only shown a sensitivity of 14.3% with a high predictive value of 85.7%.

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