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HERDIN Record #: 103096-19071613285498 Submitted: 16 July 2019 Modified: 16 July 2019


Ralph Spencer D. Eballa,
Celine Joyce H. Caunin,
Pauline Gabrielle  . Diaz,
Romeo Dalle D.  Rivera

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Video has become an important part of higher education. It is integrated as part of traditional courses, serves as a cornerstone of many blended courses, and is often the main information delivery mechanism in MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). Several meta-analyses have shown that technology can enhance learning and multiple studies have shown that video, specifically, can be highly effective educational tool.

The time when these decisions are being made varies with the individual.

However, Ginzberg and associates stated that tentative decisions about careers are usually and during early and late adolescence. During this time, adolescents begin to realize that their present interests and actions may play a role in their future; therefore, they begin the search for their " place in society".

Once the student's curiosity has been kindled, career information and personal contacts may be the major sources of information. Students should be encouraged to do volunteer work and talk with physical therapists in a variety of clinical settings. High school must be provided with current, accurate literature that can be lead interested students to additional resources.

The researchers chose to study in order to measure the effectiveness of Music Video in the field of Physical Therapy, promoting and increasing the knowledge of Senior High School students regarding the field of Physical Therapy and in a way stimulate a viable pool of future applicants and students of Physical Therapy in the future.

The researchers used a Music Video regarding Physical Therapy to record and measure its effects on the knowledge of the 126 SHS-STEM students. Pre-test and Post-Test were administered to measure the Music Video's effectiveness.

The statistical data showed that the post test scores of the student's are significantly higher than the pre- test scores. That indicates that the music video was effective in enhancing the student's knowledge regarding Physical Therapy.

The researchers recommend conducting a study in using other forms of Audio Visual media such as documentary, short film, and other types of visual media to measure its effectiveness and to make a comparative study on career talk and music video effectiveness on increasing one's knowledge in Physical Therapy.

In conclusion, the use of Audio Visual Material, specifically the Music Video is an effective tool and in information dissemination and in increasing one's knowledge regarding Physical Therapy.

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Department of Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2019
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