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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151104083337 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

A clinical correlation with BCG and chest x-ray.

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This study was conducted from May to June 1989. A total of 713 subjects (1-13 years) from Camputhaw and Lilo-an were included in the study, but only six hundred seventy-three (94.4%) were evaluated. Tuberculin test were made by injection technique and interpreted for negative and positive results. The presence of BCG scars were examined and X-ray was given to those with positive tuberculin test. Chi square test was used for statistical analysis.Findings revealed that only 24.7% of the subjects were responders to the tuberculin test. Tuberculin positivity was significantly higher in those with previous BCG immunization, especially those who received two doses. The results further showed that tuberculin response was in fact highest as late as 6-10 years, after previous BCG.Tuberculin response was highest in the 6-10 years age group and it decreases with decreasing nutritional status.Five (3.9%) out of the 129 subjects had positive X-ray findings. The study failed to show good correlation between the positive tuberculin test and chest X-ray findings of primary complex.

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Research Project
April 30-May 31, 1989


The study aimed to: (1)determine the percentage of tuberculosis responders among children with previous BCG; (2)determine the relationship of age, and nutritional status with tuberculosis reaction and (3)determine the percentage of tuberculosis responders among those with X-ray lesions of primary complex.

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