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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151104083790 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

A study of solid waste disposal practices of Iloilo City residents.

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This paper aimed to determine the solid waste disposal practices of Iloilo City residents and the factors which influence the methods they use. A total of 381 respondents from eight barangays of Iloilo City were personally interviewed using an interview schedule. The descriptive and relational methods were used for data analysis.Findings showed that the respondents/household heads used dumping (40.9

), burning (34.4

), burying (21.8

), and composting (2.9

) as methods of disposing garbage. Dumping was preferred by residents of commercial and residential barangays while burning and burying were preferred by agricultural and coastal barangays, respectively. Results also showed that considerable number of respondents dumped, burned, and buried their solid wastes not in designated areas.Majority of the residents (75.9

) were aware of the government collection and disposal services, but only commercial and residential barangays were provided with designated dumping areas and trucks as well as personnel who did the collection and disposal of solid wastes.There were more designated dumping places in commercial than in residential barangays. More residents found the nearest designated dumping place inaccessible being 100-500 m away from their houses.The different methods of disposing solid wastes were significantly related to geographical location. Income, educational attainment, accessibility to designated dumping areas, knowledge on health and sanitation, and amount of solid waste generated had no influence on methods of waste disposal. Moreover, income did not have a relationship with amount of solid waste generated even if household size and geographical locations were controlled.Proper management of solid wastes and increasing the number of roadside containers, thru the Department of Public Service and the City Health Office, are highly recommended.

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