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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161108082659 Submitted: 16 August 2011

Survey of work hazards and health status of laboratory workers in the Ermita Health Science Community.

Benjamin C. Vitasa

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A survey was conducted among 910 laboratory workers in 3 hospitals and 10 other teaching, research and service institutions of EHSC. Results showed that the common hazards at the workplace are chemicals, primarily solvents and related compounds and metals; ergonomic and physical agents such as people disturbing and moving about at the workplace, noise, heat, dust, and bad ventilation; and biological agents mainly fungi, bacilli, cocci, viruses, protozoans, and helminths.Three quarters of the workers felt that their present health status is good while the rest were not sure or felt bad about it. The most common health problems include body aches and pains, migraine, hypertension, recurring skin rash, urinary tract infection, ulcer, arthritis, and bronchitis.

Publication Type
Research Project
November 30, 1990


The project seeks to promote and maintain the safety and health of laboratory workers in the Ermita Health Science Community (EHSC). Specifically, it will identify and assess selected work hazards present in EHSC laboratories, assess the health status of laboratory workers, and develop, establish and recommend occupational safety and health standards for laboratory workers in EHSC member-institutions.

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