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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-16050614391340 Submitted: 06 May 2016 Modified: 06 May 2016

Development and Validation of the Filipino Version of the Coronary Artery Disease Education Questionnaire Version 2 (Filipino CADE-Q II).

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Objectives: To culturally adapt and validate a questionnaire that was designed to assess patients' knowledge about coronary artery disease and participation in cardiac rehabilitation programs, the second version of the Coronary Artery Disease Education Questionnaire version 2 (CADE Q2).

Methods: Qualified translators did two independent translations of the questionnaire. After back translation, the questions were reviewed and modified by a committee of experts. The final Filipino version was tested in a pilot study. For psychometric validation the tool was administered to 109 patients enrolled in a cardiac rehabilitation program. Criterion validity was assessed with regards to differences in educational attainment and patient characteristics. Spearman rank was used to correlate patient's level of knowledge with number of sessions attended. Internal consistency was assessed by use of Cronbach's alpha.

Results: The final version of the questionnaire had 30 questions arranged in five domains consisting of medical condition, risk factors, exercise, nutrition and psychosocial risk. It was shown that patients who were college graduates had significantly higher knowledge than college graduates. The number of sessions had a weak but statistically significant correlation with knowledge. (Spearman rho 0.35, p=0.007). The overall internal consistency of the questionnaire was good (Cronbach's alpha 0.75)

Conclusion: The second version of the Coronary Artery Disease Education questionnaire cross culturally adapted in Filipino is a valid and reliable tool which can be used to assess Filipino patients' knowledge about their disease when participating in cardiac rehabilitation programs.

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